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Posted on Jan 25, 2020

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Credit Score for Loan Application

Learn About Credit ScoreCredit scores generally range between the low 300s and the mid-800s, so surely a score of 600 is a good credit score, right?
Actually, a score of 600 is a poor credit score. Your credit score directly affects howmuch money your loans and other types of financing will cost you over your lifetime.
Let's take a look at the breakdown of credit scores:

Excellent credit score: 720 and Up

Credit scores in this range will open up the best interest rates and repayment terms for loans. If you want to make major purchases, such as an investment property, this credit score range is where you want to be.

Good credit score: 680 to 719

A credit report score in the 680-and-up range is good news for you. You can still get decent terms from lenders, although not as nice as those offered to borrowers with truly excellent credit scores. If you're shopping for a first home, a score in this range is certainly considered to be a good credit score, and it will get you an acceptable mortgage. You'll likely also be able to refinance your mortgage for better terms on an existing payment structure.
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